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Moving to a new area can push someone to their mental limits, without mixing in the daunting task of shopping for a home plus finding a Realtor you can trust. At Atlas Real Estate, we understand this, and are experts in relocation. We are here to assist out of town buyers with their home search by going through a very specific checklist to help you efficiently narrow your options. Moreover, most of us are Los Angeles natives, having lived 20, 30 or 50+ years in the area.

When relocating, you often don't have the time to look at every house for sale. Most likely, you'll be able to tour 20 to 25, so whittle down that list first thing with this advice:

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  • Before leaving town, arrange your needs into one list. Then list your wants in another. If a home comes up short on your must-haves, there's no need to even spend time looking at it.
  • Have a set price range. This could be based on mortgage or a safe estimate of how much you'll get from the sale of your current home.
  • What length of a commute are you ready to make each day to your job and other activities? Traffic in Los Angeles could be very different than your current location, so let us know your limits regarding drive-time, and we'll locate homes accordingly.

We can send you some best recommendations prior to your arrival. Or you might already have some favorite listings you could share with us as a result of your own research. While seeing listing photos on the web is helpful, there's nothing like visiting homes in person. We can schedule any necessary appointments and map a route. We could see up to 8 or 10 homes in a single day if we work efficiently.

Our objective is to make sure that by the time you leave town, you can be rest assured you've found the best home for your family. Call us today at (310) 975-2570 to launch your home search.

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