Leasing Services
(A la Carte or as a part of Full-Service Property Management)


Atlas Real Estate “Atlas” is not only a premier full-service property management firm but also a Rental Service for owners and renters. Atlas members have dozens of years experience in real estate leasing. Hire us to fill your next vacancy!


Real Estate service offerings are like restaurant dining in some respects. There are a lot of options, and sometimes you just don’t need them all or like the combinations offered. Maybe you want the steak, but not the potatoes and wish you could pay for the steak only. Or you’d rather have a salad that is part cobb, part fresh spring leafy vegetables, but the mix is not offered. Atlas both recognized this truth and changed the way real estate is traditionally done to meet that need.  We offer customized real estate solutions for our clients, with customized pricing to go with them. And one of those services, in which we excel, is Leasing. You want to manage your site, handle the maintenance issues and accounting, but you just need a little help getting the site filled, keeping it filled and having quality, screened residents.  We do that!


We know Los Angeles and the people who live here, many of which are originally not only from around the country, but also from around the world. Los Angeles, like New York, is truly a diverse, multi-cultural city. And we know both our city and your clientele.  Owners often wonder “do they know my tenant base”. Yes! Our group has a wide range of ages, interests and backgrounds and is stellar at filling vacancies. You can have a great unit, but in LA it is often presentation as much as product and matching the product with your customers, which are your residents. You provide the product, we provide the presentation, and together we meet the goal of matching tenants and units so both the Landlord and Resident are happy!


We specialize in the neighborhood. Los Angeles is a HUGE city and specializing in specific neighborhoods gives us the advantage and you the benefit! Many of Atlas’ staff were born and raised here. We manage both residential and commercial property throughout the greater Los Angeles area, from the Pacific Ocean to Pasadena and from the Valley south to Long Beach. We dine in the South Bay, hike in Malibu-Palisades, visit our parents in the Valley and take a long Sunday in Pasadena. If you don’t think we know your property and its neighborhood, call us. We are certain the call will end with you asking us to help you fill that unit!


Let’s be honest. Not everyone knows everything or is as good at some things as they may be at others.  That’s why the smart owner hires the professionals. By hiring us to fill your vacancies, you will discover that you come out on top. If you are looking for that certain tenant that makes your site successful, we know how to reach them. Student housing, the young professional crowd and elderly renters are great examples. They have particular needs and not everyone can figure those out in order to make their units desirable to their area’s demographics and their renter’s needs. We can preview your unit prior to leasing to consult on materials and amenities that bring you success. Hire Atlas as soon as your tenants move out or as soon as they give you a 30-day notice and we will supply you with a list of recommendations to get your property ready to rent.


All leasing staff are California Licensed Real Estate Agents or Brokers. We understand what renters want.  Our agents are your tenants. They understand the market and the clientele and can effectively put property and renter together.


We know where the buildings are that renters want, and where the renters are that landlords desire. We are experts at pairing renters and units. Internet, traditional advertising, and meet and greet open houses – we practice it all. Available units are marketed in a variety of ways so that the best renters can find them.


Rates are competitive. You pay a one-time fee only when the property has been rented! There are no additional fees. We hate the nickel and dime, and you won’t see it here.


Advising you on renovations, taking pictures of the property, advertising your vacancy, scheduling appointments and showings, screening tenants, preparing the lease and city-required paperwork, collecting 1st month's rent and deposit, handling the lease signing and assisting tenants with move-in issues.

When you contract Atlas to rent your property, you get great leases and forms, solid tenant screenings, and the backing of a real estate broker who has been in real estate for more than 20 years.


We try to keep things as simple as possible. The more the moving parts, the more that can go wrong. In the end, leasing is all about people and getting you a great resident for your site!

#1   Tenant gives ownership 30 Days Notice (or sometimes little to no notice)

#2   Landlord Hires Atlas

#3   Atlas views the unit and recommends work to be done (if requested)

#4   Landlord renovates and cleans the unit.

#5   Landlord provides us the desired rental price. We also conduct our own rental survey to confirm pricing and advise ownership
       of findings that differ greatly from the target price. Or we can price the unit for you.

#6   We market the vacancy, show the unit and screen prospective residents

#7   Atlas reviews the best applicants with Landlord to save you time and effort

#8   Landlord approves the applicant they select

#9   We prepare the lease paperwork and disclosures

#10 Our agent meets with the new tenants to sign the lease paperwork, obtain payment of funds due from renter for move in, give
       the tenant the keys to their new home and perform a walk-though inspection documented with photos for Ownership.

#11 Atlas provides you the original paperwork and digital photos for your management and files.


There is no obligation and no charge to call us today to discuss your vacancy or issues. If you are looking for more comprehensive property management, we can discuss that as well. We tailor make our solutions to your needs.